Frequently Asked Questions (7)
Support and SLA
In this article we explain how you can access support, our SLA's and how to raise any issues.
The available roles.
How to change your language in the platform.
How to change your language in the platform.
Can I give a user only access to a course and not the other features?
Sometimes you need to give a user access to only a specific course (or courses) and not any of the other features like the library.
Why is my course not getting to 100%
Why is my course not getting to 100%
Where can I find my certificate?
Where can you find your certificate(s)
How do I reset my password?
How to reset my password
Announcements (6)
Changelog 4.3
Changelog 4.3 update
New Support
Based on a recent study, we decided to change our support.
Changelog Update 4.2
In this article you will find the new edloomio changelog update 4.2
Bulk enrol teams
You can manually enroll users into teams by uploading a csv file.
Restrict courses inside the Library
You can restrict courses in the library in multiple ways like Teams, Categories, Course enrollment methods, and visibility.
Changelog 4.1
Discover the new features, improvements and bug fixes in the 4.1 version.
Reports (10)
Team Completion report
How to use the Team Completion report
Learning Journey Report
How to use the Learning Journey Report
Recompletion Report
How to use the Recompletion Report
Course Completion report
How to use the Course Completion report
Course Activity Certificate
How to find and download the certificates of a course
Certificate report
In the Certificate Report, you can filter on team, course, expire within (Months), suspended user and status to see a detailed certificate report.
Face to face report
How to see the Face to face Report
Export Report
How to export a report
Sales Report
How to see the Sales Report
Report status and colors
In this article you can read what the status and colors mean in the reports.
Tools (19)
Make more learning content accessible in your own Wiki.
The new automation engine allows you to create automations by the simple methodology “If this, then this”.
Create projects in your edloomio L&D platform,
Registration Pages
Registration pages offer a great way to have employees, customers or partners create an account on your edloomio L&D platform.
Create surveys in your edloomio L&D platform, gather and analyze data in order to make learning experiences more interactive and engaging.
Landing Pages
Landing pages enables you to use the power of storytelling. It will help you convert visitors into learners.
Newsletters are a powerful tool to reach your audience. Attract them with news or interesting information about your L&D programs and invite them to visit your edloomio L&D platform and start learning.
Goals are a great way to stimulate a person to grow. Assign goals to individuals and review them once completed.
Learning Journey
Learning Journeys gives users a clear overview of which courses they need to complete in order to complete the Learning Journey. Often used for onboarding new hires.
Tools Page
The tools page covers the entire platform. Here you get a complete overview of all the tools that are available within the platform.
Create a library where people can browse and access courses.
Create a job listing in edloomio. When people apply for the job, they automatically enroll into a course where you can challenge them with quizzes, tasks or even mini games. You can instantly see who is the best candidate for the job and invite them for an interview.
Upskill or reskill your employees in these challenging times. Add skills and skill levels to course completion, learning journeys, goals and more. With active learning, employees will improve their skill levels automatically.
The Gamification feature enables you to add points to courses and a leaderboard to stimulate competition between users.
Enable social learning in your organisation and enable people to share their own learning content with others.
Active one-to-one or group messaging in your edloomio platform.
Edloomio offers an easy way to schedule evaluations. These evaluations display on the user's profile and include an invitation to the user.
AI powered YouTube video recommendations based on user's learning.
Support Form
Activate a support form for your users.
Issues (2)
I can’t find my course in the library
When you’ve created a course and you can not find it.
My course does not show as complete
You have created a course, but the course is not marking completed for users.
Course How To's (29)
Enrol users and teams to your course
How to enrol users and teams to your course.
Bulk update users
Bulk update users via a CSV file.
Bulk import new user's
Learn how to create multiple user accounts via a csv file.
Ways to create user accounts
Here you will find more information on the different options for creating a user account
How to create a course?
To create a new course please follow these steps:
How to create a new user account
To create a new user account you need to follow the next steps:
Upload certificate background in activity
In this manual you learn how to upload a certificate background in the certificate activity.
Delete course completion
How to delete the course completion of users.
Face to Face Session
Advanced offline training activity. Including booking options, sessions, waiting lists and more.
Manage course categories
How to manage a course category or categories.
Bulk enrol users into a course
Learn how to enrol multiple users into a course via a csv file.
How to enable or disable viewing test results?
It is possible to turn participants' access to test solutions on or off when they have finished the test. Find out how to turn this option on or off here
Bulk enrol users into a Learning Journey
Learn how to enrol multiple users into a Learning Journey via a csv file.
Bulk update user passwords
How to bulk update user passwords
Change text video's play button
If you want to hide or change the text in the video's play button, follow the next steps:
How to set up a text for the course results
If you need to set up the text for the course results please follow the next steps:
Import course completion dates
You can manually import course completion dates by uploading a csv file.
How to edit the course image
Want a new picture for your course? Just follow the next steps to edit the course image:
Course welcome message
When you enrol a user into a course you can automatically have a course welcome message sent to the user email address.
How to change a users password
Changing a user's password is easy. To change the password, follow the steps.
Course Completion Reminder
In a course you can enable the course completion reminder that will send a message to the enrolled users who have not completed the course yet.
Automatic course recompletion
Set up automatic course recompletion forcing users to recomplete the course.
Restrict access to activities of my course
How to restrict the access to activities of your course.
Archive course completion
How to archive course completion dates of users.
Communicate with users in your course
In this article we show you how you can communicate with users that are enrolled into your course.
Code Enrollment
How to set up Code Enrollment
Stripe payment
Request Stripe payment to access your course.
Course approval enrollment
The course approval enrollment gives you the option to require approval of a manager before the user is enrolled into the course.
Hide a course
How to hide a course.
Course Activities (11)
Offline Training Activity
Simple offline training activity to register classroom training attendance.
External Tool (LTI) Activity
LTI offers a way to link to courses on external platforms without the need to login.
Course Pages
How to use the Course Pages activity
SCORM Activity
Import external courses with the SCORM activity. An industry standard used by most course vendors.
Video Page
The Video Page activity can be added if you want to display a video inside a course.
Face to Face Activity
Advanced offline training activity. Including booking options, sessions, waiting lists and more.
Certificate Activity
Add a certificate activity to your course.
Interactive content (H5P)
Create interactive content with H5P. Add interactivity to your course.
Doc Viewer
The Doc Viewer activity can be used if you want to display documents/PowerPoints in a course.
Certificate not displaying special characters
In some languages that use special characters, on the certificate these special characters are missing and replaced with a question mark.
Compliance Activity
Add a compliance activity to your course.
Usage Cases (2)
Selling Learning (access to courses)
Sell access to your courses.
Employee Training
Edloomio enables you to easily create and manage employee training.
Setting Up Your Platform (7)
Office 365
Microsoft 365 services complement the edloomio learning platform to provide a more productive experience for teachers and students.
Day 1 with edloomio
We put together this quick guide to help you get started with configuring your L&D platform on day 1.
Copy your organisation structure into teams. Assign team leaders, run team reports and much more.
Use your own email (SMTP settings)
Use your own email address to send messages from edloomio. These are the SMTP settings.
OAuth 2 SSO
The edloomio L&D platform supports Oauth 2 SSO. In this article we discuss more about the required settings.
OAuth 2 Microsoft service
How to set up OAuth 2 Microsoft service
OAuth 2 Google service
How to set up OAuth 2 Google service
Edloomio Settings (1)
SMTP Settings
SMTP enables you to enter your own custom email address which your academy will use to send emails to users.